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Premier Comics Update: Still moving forward


With the sudden vanishing act from Brian, and Jack’s busy life, I’ve been slowly drudging forward with the renewal of Premier Comics, and stepping away from the original ‘Premier Pulp’.

We’re still getting submissions for comics, and the pages are filling up nicely. We do need plenty more, and we’d like to ask for assistance in spreading the word of Premier.



  • Free publicity to artists
  • Nonprofit magazine anthology of independent works
  • Showcase of short, and even long comics in all shapes and sizes
  • Free do download, free to read, hosted on Comic Blender and our own website.

Premier Comics

Comic Blender

Now, the website isn’t the best. I had made it on my spare time, with what knowledge I knew from creating Coelasquid's original Manly Guys Doing Manly Things website. The built-in comic reader displays images at their original scale, and can take awhile to load for slow internet users. I am very sorry about this.

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Premier Comics coming to Comic Blender, soon!

Comic Blender! You’ll be able to read the series online in the fanciest of readers, or download them and read them on the go in multiple formats! 

Yes, you could do this before, but now it is fancy and far more reliable!

Three of our issues are currently up, and more will be coming as the week progresses. 

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I think this course has the potential to be an interesting one, so anyone interested in taking part in this should sign up right away!

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Entry Deadline: March 15th

It’s time to mark your calendars! Even though we ran our “final” issue of Premier Pulp Comics last year, who says there can’t be more issues? We’re planning to develop at least two issues for 2014. The May 2014 issue’s entry deadline will be March 15th.

In the past we wanted to try and rebrand the magazine with a name that more accurately reflected the indie nature of the comics, but at the moment we’re going to stick with the name Premier Pulp Comics. It’s just too annoying for the readers to be constantly announcing changes that never amount to anything.

On that note, we’ve decided to axe our side projects Substance and Premier Horror Comics. Neither side project got a substansial enough amount of submissions, and the staff doesn’t have the time or resources to dedicate themselves to those projects. Perhaps in the future we will try something again, but not at the moment.

If you have any interest in submitting a comic to us, please check our site for more information on the process.

As a reminder, PPC sees the following kind of submissions:

1. Scripts done by a writer that need an artist
2. Comics written and drawn by artists
3. Scripts done by a writer with an artist already teamed up
4. Artists looking to draw a writer’s script

In particular, 1 & 4 are more valuable to us than it may seem. People who come in as a team or want to work on their own comic drop out at around the same rate as those who find partners during the submission process. Meaning, you shouldn’t understimate the potential of a team endeavor.

As a reminder to artists, you only have to work on something you find interesting enough to draw, don’t let anyone try and get you involved in their script in any other way. For writers, you job is not done once your script is in the hands of an artist. Check in with them often so that any questions they have about the script can be immediately resolved.

If you have any questions about the magazine, feel free to send us an email! We’ll be happy to answer them. Until then, there’s comics to be made!

- Brian

Hey, everyone! We’re starting back up, and we will be offering people the ability to host their comics through our magazine!

If you are interested in having your comic shown in our premier Premier Comics magazine, email us at for more information!

Please ignore the Current Deadline, as it has not been updated yet, and wont be until we have everything decided within the upcoming week.

Please keep your comics between 1 and 20 pages. We accept pretty much anyone as long as you aren’t overly vulgar or show explicit nudity.

Come one, come all, we’re there to help you gain exposure and help people learn how to make comics and work in a smaller form of the comic and magazine industry! 

Please reblog to signal boost so people know that we’re there to help you, and bring free comics to everyone!

We’re back! Stay tuned, everyone!

We’re back! Stay tuned, everyone!

Progress Deadline!

The progress deadline has arrived! You have until the end of today, June 21st, to send in your progress deadline submissions.

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Progress Deadline Reminder

Friendly reminder: Progress deadline is on the 21st of this month! That’s about five days from now. Remember to send your files in to us on time!

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Important information for those that contribute to Premier Comics. We are compiling a Contributors page over at

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Check out the Premier Comics tumblr! We offer a whole bunch of free comics! And while you are checking out the tumblr, check out the spiffy site we have!

Everyone is welcome to read online and download the free comics and material, and if you want, check out how to contribute! We are looking for anyone who has a dream!

Reblog folks!

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